Real Fyre Crackler with Pine Cone Cover

Real Fyre Crackler with Pine Cone Cover

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Crackler with Pine Cone Cover

You can really get your gas log fire going using the Peterson Gas Logs Crackler with Pine Cone Cover. The crackler realistically mimics the random popping and crackling of a wood-burning fire. There are three volume settings, and the crackler faces the rear of the hearth so the sound "bounces" out of the fireplace as though it came from within the fire. The natural-looking pine cone cover adds an element of visual interest to the fireplace and discreetly conceals the speaker.

  • Crackler provides realistic cracking and popping sounds of a wood-burning fire
  • Can be set on low, medium, or high sound levels
  • Speaker is encased in a natural-looking pine cone casing
  • Speaker is designed to face the back of the hearth so the sound "bounces" from the fireplace and is diffused throughout the room
  • Operates with built-in push button system
  • Can be used with separately purchased Peterson model PC-100 or PC-500 Pine Remote Systems