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Gas Log and Fireplace Installation

Want your room to look decorative and warm without burning natural wood? Opt for Gas Logs today!

What are Gas Logs?

Gas logs provide all the warmth, beauty, and ambiance of a natural, wood-burnt fire without any maintenance and mess. These logs can also transform your existing fireplace into a beautiful yet realistic fire without changing the structure or appearance of your existing fireplace. Rather, you can get fire at the toss of a switch, at any time, and in any season. Gas logs would amaze you by providing spectacular realism from the natural ceramic filament, to the concrete logs, to the gleaming embers. Log sets set atop a burner that is powered using either propane or natural gas allowing you to refurbish your current fireplace economically.

Where to Install Gas Logs?

Before you decide to buy Gas Logs, you must understand and analyze the type of fireplace you possess and whether it is safe to blaze a gas log set in it. There are basically two types of gas logs: Vented and Vent-free or Ventless. While vented gas logs possess a stunning flame design and are decorative; vent-free logs will offer greater efficiency.

Vent-free gas logs are legally not allowed in some states, such as California and others (be sure to check your local laws before purchasing). Other features of vented and vent-free gas logs are mentioned below:

Vented Gas Logs

Apart from being decorative and stunning, vented gas logs can be placed or installed in almost every fireplace where you can burn wood.

However, you must be sure to always burn these gas logs with an open damper and install in exterior fire pits and fireplaces as per the standard and codes of your local building department and per the specs listed in the owner’s manual. You must ensure that you install vented gas logs in a fireplace that is approved and completely capable of burning wood.

Vent Free (Ventless) Gas Logs

You can install vent free gas logs in fireplaces that are capable of burning with the damper closed. Highly popular, ventless gas logs are available for both propane and natural gas and provide a realistic look of wood singed by fire. Your ventless gas logs are the perfect option to consider when your fireplace has chimney damage, you have no chimney, or when venting is not an option.

Available in different sizes which makes it easy for you to choose one that suits your home and fireplace. Remember, since ventless gas logs are not allowed in many areas, you must consult your local municipal codes before installing.

Tips for Maintaining Gas Logs

Since a malfunctioning fireplace product can have grave health consequences, it is important to have your gas logs installed by a qualified and professional technician to ensure hassle-free performance, as well as the safety of the fireplace items and its venting features. Gas stoves, fireplaces and inserts need regular servicing and maintenance to ensure their working condition is fine. Therefore, an expert technician that is proficient in maintaining the gas fireplaces and chimney, venting systems, etc. is essential.

You must remember the following safety measures before you light the season’s first fire:

  • Hire a professional to inspect the gas connection and lines, clean the burners and control section, fan check all other relevant passages for air circulation.
  • Vents must be free of obstruction.
  • Batteries in carbon monoxide detector must be checked.
  • The glass must be cleaned and the glowing embers and logs must be adjusted for finest appearance.
  • Always be watchful of unusual flames or odors, as these are usually an indication that there is a problem with the fireplace.
  • You must inform family members, guests, especially kids that the glass panels of the gas stove or fireplace are very hot.
  • You may alternatively install a safety barrier or safety screen for minimizing the threat of severe burns by touching hot glass.

To choose the best suitable gas log whether vented or vent-free, talk to a qualified technician, check out reviews, watch videos, get feedback from your relatives, neighbors, etc. to choose the best option. Don’t wait; get your Gas Logs installed today!

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