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Real Fyre Charred Frontier Oak Vent Free Gas Logs
Real Fyre Charred Frontier Oak Vent Free Gas Logs

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Real Fyre Charred Frontier Oak Vent Free Gas Logs

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Charred Frontier Oak - Vent Free Gas Logs

Featuring the popular burnt-through front log, the G10 Series is available in two attractive log styles; Charred Frontier Oak and Charred Aged Split Oak (both ceramic refractory log sets). Lively flames and a large ember bed with Bryte Coals highlight the handcrafted logs, adding efficient heat and unmatched beauty to your fireplace.

Real Fyre Charred Frontier Oak Ventless Gas Logs offer the splendor and warmth of a wood fire without the need for venting your outdoor fireplace. Hand crafted logs create an active natural flame and glowing embers that magnify the beauty of your  hearth. This log set features 99% heating efficiency operating on less gas allowing you to save your energy dollars. This log set and burner combination is ANSI certified for natural gas and is equipped with an Oxygen Depletion Sensor for safe operation.

The Ventless Collection is approved for use in a solid-fuel burning fireplaces, certain universal approved Ventless fireplaces and specifically approved Ventless fireplaces. It comes set up for natural gas and comes with a lifetime warranty. The burner comes with the flex connector pre-assembled for ease of use and added safety. Select burner below.


Charred Frontier Oak Vent Free Gas Logs Features

  • Charred frontier oak designer log set
  • ANSI Certified vent free burner
  • Pre-assembled control valve
  • Safety pilot
  • ODS safety system
  • Custom grate
  • Connector kit
  • Glowing embers
  • Bryte coals
  • Lava-fyre granules

Charred Frontier Oak Vent Free Gas Logs Specifications:

Model Minimum Fireplace Size BTU Rating
Width Depth Height Nat.Gas L.p. Gas
Front Rear Low Setting High Setting Low Setting High Setting
G10-16/18 (16/18" Log Set) 22" 20" 13" 17" 26K 35K 24K 32K
G10-24/30 (24" Log Set) 28" 20" 14" 17" 19K 37K 19K 37K
G10-24/30 (30" Log Set) 34" 20" 14" 17" 19K 35K 19K 37K

Charred Frontier Oak Vent Free Gas Logs Details:

COLLECTION Vent-Free Collection
SERIES G 10 Series
PRODUCT SIZES 16"/18", 24", and 30"
FUEL OPTIONS Propane/Natural Gas
BTUS 17,000 to 37,000

Charred Frontier Oak Vent Free Gas Logs Control Options

  • Manual
  • On/Off Remote with standing pilot (-12)
  • Variable flame height remote with standing pilot (-15)
  • The electronic ignition is on/off. not variable flame height

Safety Information

  • Professional Installation is required for all ventless (or vent-free) products. Check local building codes for any restrictions or conditions regarding ventless logs before you purchase or install them. Use of a Carbon Monoxide Detector is recommended with ventless product. 
  • This is a ventless (or vent-free) gas log burner system designed to be installed in solid fuel burning masonry fireplaces, UL-127 factory-built fireplaces certified for use with vent-free logs, and listed ventless firebox enclosures. You CANNOT  install this gas log set in a type-b vent (natural vent) gas fireplace, direct vent gas fireplace, or any gas or wood burning stove
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